Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Summarizer

Our posts have a common theme of needing to engage our students and make learning relevent. We are in agreement that traditional methods of education are limiting our students' potential to think and learn. On the first page of chapter 1, the author identifies the cognitive principle of the chapter: "People are naturally curious, but we are not naturally good thinkers; unless cognitive conditions are right, we will avoid thinking." I believe the book cover posts each reflect our belief that a we need to change the classroom environment as well as the way we approach teaching to effectively get our students be the thinkers and learners we know they can be.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Cover

I chose the cover of an old school room.  I think that with texting and instant messaging that it is easy for students to become disconnected or bored with school.  I read a book that said that many students feel as if they are traveling to the Stone Age any time that they enter the school building.  I think that students do not like school as it does not offer information instantly nor is the feedback always as immediate.
My image is taken from Google Images

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jessica's Post

This image shows the brain split in half. One side is work oriented and the other is for play or recreation. If our students have a hard time using the correct type of thinking within the classroom, they will have a difficult time retaining new content. If we don’t engage our students though, they will not enjoy learning and dislike school. We need to find a balance that allows for fun and education within the classroom.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Brigitte's Book Cover

Here is the picture I would choose to illustrate the cover of "Why Don't Students Like School." Pictured is a frustrated student, sitting at the traditional desk, in a traditional row facing the teacher, with the traditional paper and pencil. Here is a student who can't wait to get home to check his Facebook page, text his friends, Skype with his "bff" in another city, and spend the rest of the time getting to the next level of his favorite X-Box game. His only way to vent his pent up boredom is to snap the pencil his hates to use to write out his assignment when he knows he could be completing it on his laptop in at least half the time. My picture is from Google Images.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Book Cover

This represents what a student would look like after trying to learn something that's too hard or not revelant to their daily life. Either they have gaps in their learning or they aren't motivated to engage in what they see as pointless. If teachers don't try to connect with them they will perceive that no one cares and thus they don't either. I found this picture at

Why Don't Students Like School?

I have just started reading this book but in the first few pages I was struck by how the author says that the brain is not built for thinking. To me this picture shows a youngster who is encountering that very problem. I can imagine that there are a million things going through his mind the least of which have anything to do with the concept he is trying to learn-except that his brain is not being of any assistance. I found this picture at the following website:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Literature Circle Ten!

Your Super Summarizer schedule is as follows:

Section One--Due October 28, Brigitte Brucklacher
Section Two--Due November 4, Chad Kringel
Section Three--Due November 11, Joyce Massa
Section Four--Due November 18,Jessica Murphy
Section Five--Due December 2, Amber Robbins
Section Six--Due December 9, Kristin Wheaton